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Installment Plan

Convenient and easy
Convenient and easy

How it works!

The Magic Websites payment plan is completely interest and admin fee free!

It's designed for people and organisations that don't want to pay the total amount upfront for whatever reason, or if they lack the funds to pay for it all at once.

Simply make your first installment at the PayPal Subscription payment area below, this will automatically set up 5 more monthly payments of equal amounts.

We'll then commence the process of designing and building your website according to your instructions.

It's the same as paying the total amount upfront except you won't receive your website builder app login details until we've recieved the final payment amount.

You'll still have your completed website, up and running and working for you, you just won't be able to make any design changes to your site yourself until you have your website builder app.

If it's an e-commerce site, money paid to you via your PayPal payment buttons on your site, will still go into your Paypal account as usual for you to withdraw or do with whatever you want.

"creating the colour in your life" 🎨

Make 6 monthly payments interest free
Make 6 monthly payments interest free
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What happens next?

After we've received your order we'll start the Magic Websites design and build process.

We'll send you a Username and Password and ask you to fill out the Client Design Checklist, this is so we're on the same page and we know exactly what you want your great new website to look and feel like.

During the design and build, we'll touch base with you from time to time to make sure you're happy with the progress.

We work quite fast so, it won't be long before you're up and running with your fantastic Magic Websites site.

About Us

Let's go behind the magic!

Hi folks, just a quick hello from the team and a little about us.

Magic Websites was founded by Chris, a guy that had built a lot of websites for himself and friends using a variety of platforms.

He eventually stumbled upon what he believes to be the best system and platform available today.

He designed and built a few websites using what he had found, but realised that it still took time to design and then build each site. Not everyone has the time or wants to spend big money for their own website.

After speaking to a few new business owners, he learnt that although they'd a relatively good business, they'd forgotton or put off getting a website. The problem now was they didn't have the time available to focus on such a project, researching, designing, building and a lot of time gathering content for a new site.

Then there was the money issue, not only did they need to learn some new skills to produce a great website, they also had to pay for it! 

They were going to need a website building platform to start with, but these in general are not cheap.