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Website Design and Build

Optimised for all devices
Optimised for all devices

Fully featured websites that work like magic!

To design and build a website for your business, charity or your personal use, takes a lot of time and normally a lot of money.

Here at Magic Websites we eliminate those two problems!

Magic Websites save you time and money!
Magic Websites save you time and money!

"creating the colour in your life" 🎨

  • We work closely with you to develop a design you will love, and to give your business that professional front you require to increase your bottom line.

  • Charity organisations need to be found and easily accessible with clear intentions for its benefactors, a good website designed well will do this for you.

  • Personal and informational (blog) websites are used all over the world for a myriad of reasons and topics, so why not have a great looking site, as it reflects who you are as a person or organisation.

Based in Port Macquarie NSW Australia but servicing the world!

Enhanced Features and Customization

Magic Websites have all the bells and whistles

What you get!

1. Optimisation

• A website optimised for mobile phones, tablets, ipads, laptops and desktop computers, compatible with all computing operating systems and Android or Apple

2. Website Builder App

• Your own website builder app (AI) to change, modify and enhance all and any aspects of your website (if you want us to modify and maintain your site after it has been completed, all we require is your password to enter your website builder app), no html coding knowledge required

3. Pages And Blocks

• 30 pages with up to 14 blocks per page

4. Optimisation for Search Engines (SEO)

• Optimisation Assistant. We'll optimise each page of your website on the original build, if you want to tweak this yourself, you may do so from your website builder app

5. Support

• Contextual tips and guides
• In-app hotline (replies within 24 hours)
• Get professional feedback on your published site

6. Ads On Your Site

• Your own ads or others you want

7. Site Statistics

• Simple stats on your visitors behavior
• Install and use Google Analytics

8. Colours

• Colour presets
• Choose your own theme

9. Shape Of Tabs And Pages

• Shape presets
• Create your own shapes

10. Fonts

• Font presets
• Create your own sets

11. Social Networks

• Easy sharing icons (AddThis)
• Buttons linking to your own social networks
• Control how your site looks when it is shared on social networks

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The importance of SEO

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